Start your own kicksharing

50 scooters x 620 EUR

Total amount required to start

31 000 EUR

Payback period

~2 months

Kicksharing is hipe business

Business based on the advance tehnology

Kicksharing takes the first place in USA and Europe in the popularity rate

High margin business

Kicksharing is hipe business


65 km

Power reserve

Launch from 31 000 EUR

from 50 scooters

х 620 EUR

from 100 scooters

х 600 EUR

Cable and lock status sensor

+200% to scooter security

Electromechanic lock

+ 70% to usability


+50% to outdoor activity

Steel cable

+100% to security

Spectacular colours

+50% to your love

Online GPS tracking and scooter state

Our solution

Vandal and weather resistant scooter

Electronic lock opens via app

Smart transport network, scoter monitoring and traffic control via cloud platform

iOS & Android apps

Scooter search, route calculation, quick registartion and payment

Hotspot - system access via smartphone

Cloud platform toGO

User communicates with the scooter via mobile application

Registration, tariff choice, deposit, payment

Scooter search


100 000 simultaneous rides

Solution advantages


The possibility of using a wide audience from 18 to 65 years. Convenient for short-distance trips around the city


At the door, on the wall, in a parking lot, without the allocation of land


Folded one is only 80 sm and 14kg weight


Affordable price for all categories of users

Travel time

5 times faster than on foot and up to 3 times faster than by bike, taking into account fast rental, walking routes and combining scooter travel with public transport

Join right now

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Scooter amount

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