Stage of cooperation

Everything is simple - just 3 stages:
• Analysis of budget and plans in your city or project
• Scooters purchase and equipment
• The launch of the service

Do I need to collect and charge my electric scooters?

All electric scooters must be charged regularly. While owners of small parks are likely to do it by themselves, the owners of large parks can outsource or hire individuals to collect, to place and charge the scooters. Each electric scooter toGO completely belongs to you, so you decide how to organize the exercises and placing them around town.

What if my electric scooter was damaged by vandals or stolen?

Theft and vandalism are a natural problem for any business. But at the same time, theft and vandalism will decrease due to the fact that each electric scooter is equipped with a lock, integrated with telematics equipment that monitors the location and condition of the electric scooter. And an attempt to remove the telematics equipment will violate the wiring diagrams of the electric motor control. External branding will help to find and distinguish the toGO electric scooter.

Who makes toGO scooters?

toGO Smart Scooters is a specially designed Segway ES that have been modified to kicksharing. All intelligent GPS, IoT and security technologies have been fully developed by toGO.

What shall I do if my scooter is broken?

toGO maintains telematics equipment free of charge for the first 12 months of operation, excluding vandalism, theft and abuse. toGO does not support basic electric scooter hardware problems. In case of failure of the basic equipment of the electric scooter, you need to contact the service for maintenance and repair in your city.

What expenses do I need to know?

toGO provides fully prepared electric scooters, software, custom mobile applications. toGO also provides customer support for a small fee. You only need to charge and maintain electric scooters. You can also insure your electric scooters and hire maintenance technicians.

What do I need to start?

Before the beginning it is necessary to study the city in which you want to run kicksharing and choose the most optimal area of your scooters ride. You can negotiate with the campuses of Universities or private enterprises to obtain permission for the operation of your electric scooters. We recommend that you insure your electric scooters against damage and theft. Next, all you have to do is place them in your chosen rental area and then pick them up in the evenings to charge at night, or leave them overnight in certain areas and arrange to charge individual scooters or change the battery in place. You can hire for charging and collecting scooters technicians.

How can I make money with toGO?

Sign a contract with toGO. Purchase at least 5 toGO scooters. The supplied electric scooters will be already connected to your account and you will only have to place them in the city. At the beginning of the rent, the user pays 5 rubles/min. As soon as the trip is completed, their payment will be transferred to the toGO account, and then this payment will be transferred to your account minus the costs of processing payments, subscription fee for connection to the toGO system, call center services and a fee of 15% of the turnover.

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