Simplify the distance

Buy toGO scooters and start kicksharing in your city


Scooter amount

Charge scooters in time, all the rest is our responsibility

How to join

Order minimum 20 toGO scooters

and start preparations

Start cost - 9800 euro

You can buy additional scooters

at any time in any quantity

You re in charge of

To get started, buy your own electric scooters toGO

Scooters are equiped with telemetry, elecronic lock, customized and rady for work

Everything is under your control

You need to place, collect and charge the scooters. Using the toGO system you can track profits and manage your scooters 24/7

Charge your scooters

You can charge your scooters or change the battery on spot. This can be done by a hired technician with sofware for a technic

The purchased e-scooters are your property and you are responsible for their safety and systematic maintenance.

toGO provides online resources to ensure the safety of your electric scooters

Create your business logic

Using toGO application you can place and take away your sooters according to your own business model. Leave them available 24/7 or take them away for every night to charge and maintain.

We are in charge of

Connect the scooters to our platform

Scooters automatically appear in the apps: Android & iOS

Support service

Track your scooters and profit in real time 24/7.
View the battery charge, the overall condition of the scooter, as well as built the route for easy and quick collection of scooters

toGO provides single payment processing

We collect payments for each rental then the money for the trip is transferred to the owner of the scooter minus 15%. All payment statistics is vailable in your account.

toGO is concerned about the efficiency of the applications and improvement of their work.

We provide application updates and Togo software solutions on our own

Scooter owner support

As the owner of toGO scooters you will enjoy 24/7 support. Our team will be to your service for solving any problems you can face in your work

Get passive income

Buy toGO scooters and get passive income with no need to pause your daily routine

Buy toGO scooters

and watch them in your acount

Follow our recommendations after the purchaise

Place your scooters in the city

Place your scooter in the most popular areas of your city

Buy toGO scooters and get passive income

with no need to pause your daily routine

Watch the charge level

Charge your scooters o change the battery on the spot. Take away your scooters if want

Where can i use my toGO scooters?

Towns and suburbs

Place your scooters in locations with a high concentration of pedestrian traffic to get the most number of daily rentals

Student campuses and business parks

Electric scooters are rapidly becoming the preferred transport for students, clients and employees of all levels

Festivals and large outdoor events

toGO e-scooters can be placed at any point. Your business is compact. Create your own fleet of scooters, which is constantly moving and bringing income to the owner, that is you


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Scooter amount

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